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Luna Kite School teaches in accordance with the international guidelines of the IKO ( This international lesson plan helps the student to learn kitesurfing quickly and safely. A basic level 1 lesson lasts about 5 hours. To be …..safely at least 2 lessons are required. During the lessons safety is just as important as fun to us. Classes are taught in groups of at least 2, private lessons are also possible. At Luna Kite School we find small groups are much more practical, you can learn from each other and there’s also a lot less waiting time.
Although a smaller group is more practical …if you don’t mind waiting a little for your turn ….we also teach larger groups like company outings and team building, email us for more information. We offer the complete lesson plan from Level 1 to Level 3 for absolute beginners to advanced.

kitesurfles op ameland


Especially for the basic course, the program is specifically tailored to the student. We have noticed that the levels can vary greatly by the sporting history of the student. Some have spent many years at sea windsurfing, some have wakeboarded, snowboarded, sailed or have pilot experience and others haven’t done much more than play pool or darts. Our instructors are diverse and suited for any level of experience. Our goal is to turn every beginner into a confident and safe kitesurfer. Safety is just as important as fun here.


kitesurfles op ameland

Lesson 1

The first lesson begins on the beach. Using a small kite to learn the basic skills of kiting. Attention is also paid to the setup of the kite and the various safety measures. After a short break it’s time to put on the wetsuit. The beach session will be put in to practise in the water with more "power", also called bodydrag. Here the Board is not involved. Depending on the individual’s skills there is a possibility of a water start attempt, with board, at the end of lesson 1.

Level 1 takes 5 hours, costs € 150.00


kitesurfles op ameland

Lesson 2

Lesson 2 starts with a brief recap of lesson 1 to get back in to the feel of things. Depending on the progress during lesson 1, there is a lot of time spent learning to deal with the Board. At the end of the 2nd lesson you will be able to independently ….get the kite and board in the water, get your feet on the board and water start. Lesson 2 is also divided into 2 sessions.

Level 1 and 2 takes 8 hours, costs € 250.00


kitesurfles op ameland

Lesson 3

Body drag; you will repeat the steps that you in the first 2hrs or 4h but this time on the water, with more power on the kite and also you will learn how to re-launch the kite from the water, control the power, direction, safety systems. Know safe wind directions and conditions for kiting Know hazards on a spot Set up a trainer kite Know the use of safety systems Carry and handle the kite properly This lesson is all about the technical aspects of the water and actually sailing!! You'll learn how to launch and you will learn to sail. From 5 to 10 meters, from 10 to 20 etc. Now you know how to deal with your material, you have learned to assess the circumstances that are important for a good session, you know how your kite from the water must plates and what you should do if anything unexpectedly happens at sea. In short: you’ll be ready to kitesurf independently, confidently and safely! The lessons include all the necessary equipment. Each student receives at the end of the lesson one Iko certificate, on which your skill level is indicated. Location: Ameland (Wadden and North Sea)


Level 3 complete course lasts 10 hours, costs € 350.00 including IKO certificate and a Luna Kite School t-shirt


kitesurfles op ameland
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